Sakthi Infra Tex Cares

We have always been sensitive & conscious towards the community,
our workforce and the environment. Sakthi Infra Tex  strive to discover and adopt better ways to do conduct business ethically and responsibly.


As a mark of our commitment to a cleaner and sustainable future, we operate wind turbines and produce ample amounts of electricity. 100% of the power consumed by our factories are produced by our own wind turbines – making us a renewable energy leader in the region.

Our ETP plants help control & recycle wastewater. The recycled water is then used by our factories for various requirements.

We reduce usage of natural resources by saving millions of gallons of water every year.

Our factories are certified by the ‘Green Building Council of India’ recognising our continued efforts towards sustainability.

We also participate in the Higg Index module and have been achieving high ranks.

We have recently commissioned a Solar Power Platform and are primed to produce renewable energy in surplus of our requirements in the near future.


In addition to our own charitable trust hospital, the Government of India has awarded us the region’s first Modified Employer’s Utilisation Dispensary (MEUD) through which primary medical services and free medicines are provided to our employees and locals.

‘Eye Camps’ and ‘Blood Donation Camps’ are conducted regularly across the campus.

Free bus facilities to fetch the employees from the residing villages to the factory and return.

Comprehensive insurance facilities are made available for all the employees.

Free education for girls.

We are constantly working towards a greener and climate resilient India. In an effort to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and lessening the effects of global warming, we conduct tree plantation drives multiple times a year. We also make sure to engage our customers and buyers in these drives.

Compliance & Accreditations